Bowers Museum announces Art & Archaeology SUMMER CAMP at KIDSEUM


Santa Ana—(April 2013)— Parents are starting to wonder what their children will be doing for summer – they can look to the Bowers Museum to provide an entertaining and educational camp experience. The Bowers Kidseum, an interactive extension of the Bowers, is dedicated to teaching through exploration in a series of art camps, which expose and immerse children in a new culture each week.

A journey around the world in eight weeks will take place June 17 through August 9, 2013. Each week will focus on a culture where children will explore the history behind the art and geography of each region, plus cooking ethnic dishes for “A Taste of…” twice a week.

Students will enjoy creating their own replicas of artwork from the given culture and time period. These replicas will allow for a creative, interactive experience with the material. The students’ creations will be directly inspired by trips taken to the Bowers Museum, where they will see original works of art and ancient treasures.

The summer camps will coincide with exhibitions taking place at the Bowers Museum, so students can truly capture the essence of the culture being studied. During the first week, kids will visit The Tsars’ Cabinet: 200 Years of Decorative Arts Under the Romanovs during “The Richness of Russia” camp. Each week participants will delve into ancient arts and visit exotic lands.

The truly unique highlight of the summer camps are the Archaeological Digs that will be held in the Kidseum’s archaeological pits during five of the eight sessions. The digs, which will teach children the importance of preserving historical artifacts, follow the rules set by the Archaeological Institute of America. They serve to make young students aware of our place in history.

Only Bowers could bring such a unique and fun educational experience to Orange County. Kidseum has been voted Best Children’s Museum by OC Parenting Magazine – a unique, hands-on, children’s museum. Summer Camp is presented in association with CSU Fullerton Department of Anthropology and the Archaeological Institute of America.

A complete list of the camps offered can be found below. For more information, admission or forms visit or e-mail or call 714.480.1524.


Camp I: June 17-21 | The Richness of Russia: Art & Artists | No Archaeological Dig

Art Projects: Painted Russian Boxes, Adorned Russian Plates, Gold & Silver plaques, Painted Eggs, Matryoshka Doll Books, Kandinski and Chagall painting.

A Taste of Russia: Russian Tea Cookies & Russian Tea Dessert

Visit Tsar’s Cabinet exhibit at Bowers Museum.

Camp II: June 24 – 28 | Mediterranean Meanders | With Archaeological Dig

Art Projects:Roman clay tiles, Block printed Friezes, Greek pottery motifs, Morocco arabesques in gold print, Anatolia evil eye amulet, Repoussḗ coins, clay vases and fluted dishes, medallions.

A Taste of Italy: Torta de Meile, Cheesy Pizza

Visit Gems of the Medici exhibit at Bowers Museum.

Camp III: July 1 – 5 | Early American Odyssey | No Archaeological Dig

*** FEE PRORATED for holiday.

Art Projects: Scrimshaw on clothes pegs, ink a part of a “whale bone”. Paint a warship & add fabric sails. Make a Sailor’s Valentine. Punched tin lamps, Shopkeeper’s Sign.

A Taste of Early America: Apple & Pumpkin Pies

Visit Scrimshaw exhibit at Bowers Museum.

Camp IV: July 8 – 12 | Mystical Egypt! | With Archaeological Dig

Art Projects: Wrapped Mummy, papyrus painting, jeweled collar, raised pattern armband.

A Taste of Egypt: Ghorayebah melt in the mouth cookies, Egyptian Sweet Couscous Dessert

Interactive presentation at Bowers Museum.

Camp V: July 15 – 19 | From the Plains to the Coast: Native American Cultures | With Archaeological Dig

Art Projects: North West Totem Poles,Halda Button Blanket,Tlingit Canoe Ornament, Chumash Rock Art, Crow Painted Shield, Ojibwe Dream catchers, Hopi Dance Wands.

A Taste of Americas: Corn Bread & Acorn Pancakes

Visit First Californians exhibit at Bowers Museum.

Camp VI: July 22 – 26 | Wonders of Central America | With Archaeological Dig

Art Projects: Kuna Indian Molas, Tona clay turtle, Three face Maya mask, Colima fish, Oaxaca friendship bracelet, Polychrome vase.

A Taste of Mexico: Cheese tortillas, Buñuelos

Visit Pre-Columbian exhibit at Bowers Museum.

Camp VII: July 29 – Aug. 2 | All about Light: Luminous Art | No Archaeological Dig

Art Projects: Butterfly fantasy, abstract face masks, dancing figures, expressionist art, fun crazy art.

A Taste of Light: Butterfly cupcakes, Artists fantasy cookies

Visit Uncommon Gems & Gems of the Medici exhibits at Bowers Museum.

Camp VIII: August 5 – 9 | Journey to the Far East: China and Japan | With Archaeological Dig

Art Projects: Windowpane doors, Chinese scrolls, Water color painting, Japanese cut outs, Gold & Silver dragons, Painted Chinese Boxes, Japanese kimono dolls.

A Taste of the Far East: Steamed Porcupine Buns,Japanese Cookies

Visit Ancient Arts of China exhibit at Bowers Museum.


Camp Hours: 9:00 – 3:00 p.m. Monday – Friday
Cost: $160.00 per child (members) $128.00 camp July 1 – 5
$185.00 per child (non-members) $148.00 camp July 1- 5

Extended camp hours: 7:30 – 9:00 a.m. or/and 3:00-5:30 p.m.

$85.00 per child per week $68.00 July 1 – 5

Payment is required in full per child, per camp session at the time of registration.



The Bowers Museum has earned an international reputation through its world-class exhibitions, including Warriors, Tombs and Temples: China’s Enduring Legacy, Terra Cotta Warriors: Guardians of China’s First Emperor, Secrets of the Silk Road, and Mummies – Death and the Afterlife: Treasures from the British Museum, as well as its own extensive art collections from throughout the Americas and the South Pacific. In addition, the Bowers’ Kidseum, located one block south of the main museum, engages children through extensive activities designed to encourage creativity and inspire imagination, perfect for Scout Programs and Birthday Parties.

Enjoy a leisurely luncheon at award-winning Tangata. Outdoor seating is also available, overlooking the Bowers historic mission-style courtyard from 11 AM to 3 PM. Browse the rare and exotic at the Bowers Museum Gallery Store. It’s more than just a shopping trip—it’s a cultural experience.

Bowers Museum and Kidseum are closed on Mondays, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Regular operating hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 10 AM to 4 PM.
BOWERS MUSEUM, in Santa Ana, is centrally located in the heart of Southern California.

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