Gabby Recovering from Abuse, Hopes to Walk Again


by Demise Carey-Costa

Everywhere, around the world dogs and cats are subjected to horrible suffering, abuse and neglect. They live trapped in these atrocious situations wondering why won’t anyone come for me?Gabby

Gabby, a 5 year old German Shepherd spent the first five years of her life in miserable conditions. It is theorized that she spent most of her life in a small crate and was used as a breeding dog. When her owners tired of her she was taken to a high kill shelter in Miami Dade, Florida and disposed of like trash. She was going to be euthanized when a good Samaritan intervened and saved her. Sindi Parker of Almost Home Dog Rescue and Rehab in Montepelier, VT had Gabby transported to her rescue.

But dear Gabby was not out of the woods yet. Due to years of abuse and neglect and confinement to a small cage she cannot walk like most other dogs. She has hip dysplasio and her front legs/ankles are so deformed she has to walk on her ankles and legs. It is very difficult for her to stand and every step she takes is a challenge. Simple steps that are taken for granted are daunting for Gabby. When she sees other dogs playing and running she wants so much to be like them. She will not be able to without the assistance of a quad wheelchair which will help her get around and relieve her painful situation. Without this wheelchair, Gabby has no quality of life.

“Almost Home Dog Rescue and Rehab” is home to many special needs dogs (including seniors, disabled dogs, blind dogs and former bait dogs) where if they cannot be adopted, they are loved and cared for -for life! Currently, they are caring for thirty dogs with an array of medical and behavioural issues, so they really need funds. Your donation will directly go to fund Gabby’s quad wheelchair so she can live the life she deserves after all the suffering she endured.

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Gabby may have had a rought start to her life but a lot of people love and support her. Won’t you be a hero for Gabby?

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