Reach more Mullet with Electric Outboards


Reach more Mullet with Electric Outboards

by Ted Lund

Although there has been a decrease in fuel prices recently, the most recent spike coupled with concern for the environment and what a green future means for boaters has seen the rise of alternative forms of propulsion in a number of types of boating.

Electric outboards are probably gaining the most momentum, as they are now truly a reliable alternative for mechanically propelling boats. Once the provenance of dinghies and sailboats, electric outboards like those made by Torqeedo are finding increasing pleasure and commercial applications in both fresh and saltwater.

shake mulletOne such area is in commercial mullet fishing throughout Florida.

Once an important food species, mullet are now sought out for their row — considered a delicacy in foreign markets.

But fisherman around the Sunshine State have seen a number of obstacles thrown in their way, whether it is a restriction to waterways for combustion type engines or the Constitutional ban on gill nets once used to harvest this popular species. Such restrictions have forced former commercial gillnetters like Bradley Huddleston to think outside of the box.

“No we strictly castnet, throwing nets as big as 14 feet in diameter,” says Huddleston. “But the roe can sell for as much as $125 a pound market price, so there is definitely return on the effort.”

Huddleston has tried a variety of different options including traditional electric trolling motors with no success.

IMG_1889“The problem with trolling motor systems is you just don’t have the runtime and endurance,” says Huddleston. “And with increasing restrictions on waterway access, we need. That’s why electric outboards like Torqeedo are so interesting to us. We can move our skiffs over long distances if necessary and the ability to recharge using solar energy is a win-win in the Sunshine State.”

Torqeedo makes a host of electric outboard options, ranging from the Ultralight 403 to self-contained Travel series, the slightly larger Cruise torqeedo-travel-21-4992x3328series all the way up to the powerful Deep Blue series of outboards up to 80-hp. The company is also introducing an inboard solution with its Deep Blue i 1400 and i 1800 series.

Precision engineered and built in Starnberg, Germany, Torqeedo has long been popular with serious kayakers, whitewater rafters and sailboaters. However, advancements in technology have really opened up the advantages of green, reliable propulsion to just about every aspect of the boating world.

For more information on Torqeedo and its groundbreaking lineup of state-of-the-art green propulsion solutions and accessories or to find a dealer near you, visit them on the worldwide web at


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