The Crown of the Continent


The Crown of the Continent


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When it comes to speaking about the most beautiful places in the world, there is one name that comes up on all ‘Top Ten’ lists. In Montana, Glacier National Park offers some of the most amazing picturesque spots that anyone from a photographer to a naturalist to a family of five waiting to take that ultimate summer vacation can possibly imagine. But for those who have not witnessed this truly unforgettable spot, the time may just be now. Although healthy snowpack and cooler summers over the past four years have slowed the melting of remaining glaciers located in Glacier National Park, there is still far more to do in order to keep it with us for a good, long time to come.


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With this ever-changing weather and the truth that the continent is warming in spots that used to stay nice and refrigerated, Glacier Park is forever at risk – which means one of the most glorious locales ever witnessed by humankind could, in fact, be erased from the next generation’s lifespan.
Thinking back to just a short time ago, it was in 1850 that there were an estimated 150 glaciers of a huge size, compared to only 25 in 2014 that equal 25+ acres. Which, of course, is the glacier law if you will. You see, to be considered an actual glacier, it must be at least 25 acres. Below that size, the ice is generally stagnant and does not move, unless it is on a steep slope. Researchers are working hard as the springtime becomes earlierwith each year and the summer becomes hotter across the country, trying their best to see what can be done to stop the glacier retreat.


Believe it or not, even though we are actually living in the much-talked-about ‘green’ age right now, with all companies and people striving to figure out what they can do to clean the air, rejuvenate the earth, and stop suburbia from taking over the natural land and killing off the wildlife that seems to be disappearing in droves – this calamity of losing natural wonders still keeps going.


The Glacier Park area is truly something that cannot be done without. Some of the most amazing archaeological finds have occurred there, and Native American history is a huge part of the surrounding area. Over 10,000 years ago, the evidence shows that tribes such as; the Salish, Flathead, Shoshone, and Cheyenne, called this area home. When the Blackfeet arrived at the beginning of the 18th century, they soon dominated and actually utilized the natural wonders of the glaciers to survive. The mammoth glaciers provided them shelter from massively bitter cold winter winds (which are needed once again to bring the area back), and also allowed them a good hunt. Back then the area was rich with bison as well as other game. These reservations are not gone, thankfully. Today the Blackfeet Indian Reservation borders the park in the east; the Flathead Reservation located west and south.


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It is easy to see that this incredible natural world, although diminishing, has a true history that must be kept and grown for future generations to be able to learn about and…hopefully…take care of far better than their predecessors who opened the factories, etc., in the early 20th century which had huge, negative effects on the land.

American history, culture and even that [articular time of business and industry connect here; with the Great Northern Railway crossing the Continental Divide at Marias Pass running along the southern boundary of the park. Luckily, the public and the early Congress made sure that Glacier National Park was designated a forest preserve and then on to a protected National Park. This meant no building could be done, and nothing but mining could be accomplished in the area.


From backpacking and hiking, to staying in a chalet and looking out at the wonders of nature – Glacier National Park has inspired everything from creative writing, to well-known photographers who set the world alight with their visions of the stunning scenery they caught on film. In fact, it is no surprise that Glacier National Park is referred to as ‘The Crown of the Continent’, but it is important to remember that it takes us, it takes people all over the globe to work hard and make sure that this magnificent ‘crown’ forever shines.

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