The “Force” Awakening Shows There is Comfort in the “Old”


The “Force” Awakening Shows There is Comfort in the “Old”

By Amy Lignor


Yes, there’s a little beeping thing rolling around on a ball now. There is a British girl who looks a lot like an ode to “The Hunger Games” and that movie’s strong female lead. There is a wise-cracking-was-once-a-Stormtrooper-but-now-free character, and instead of an old guy with the voice of a lifetime smoker, this next generation’s head of all evil is a guy Star Wars, the "Force", obsession, the "old gang, America's biggest cultural phenomenonwith a prominent, well…head. But these new characters are not why Star Wars sill set a trillion new records. It is because of the old guys – the comfort guys – that people flooded the theaters this weekend. At the end, most audiences clapped; but there were others – faces in the crowd that showed anger…as if the taking of one of their supreme favorites had somehow tarnished their love of Star Wars for the rest of time. These were the people who ran out of the movies and raced home to put the original trilogy into the DVD player and get lost in a time that was far “better.”


But whichever you happen to be, the whole point is this: The movie brought out our absolute need to sit down with family and take a break from the wars, the fighting, the bombing, the terrorism…even Donald Trump’s hair. The makers behind the movie released it exactly when they should have. It’s Christmastime. Family members not seen in a long time are coming home and giving hugs out. Friends are catching up. Smiles are on faces instead of frowns because when you’re with one another, all is right with the world.


One of the biggest cultural phenomenon’s in America comes from movies. Star Wars, Gone With the Wind, the indelible Harry Potter who actually ended up with his very own theme park – there are a multitude of films out there in the universe, but there are specific ones that became significant long ago and have actually grown larger in a world that is constantly inundated with too much horrific reality.


To say Star Wars set a new opening day box office record in America is not a shock. However, it also set the record in the UK, Ireland, and around the globe. Like the “Force” it speaks about, these movies seem to bind entire countries and continents together. No matter where you are, where you travel to, all you have to do is mention the Millennium Falcon and conversations will suddenly commence. The space saga, like the famous ship, jumps over language barriers, breaks down cultural walls, and locations.


And with it being the holidays, this film makes everyone feel as warm and fuzzy inside as a cup of hot chocolate does on Christmas Eve. This is not a movie review (it certainly doesn’t need another one), but it is a realization from one girl who sat in the theatre when she was barely able to stand, fell in love with a Wookie, and wished only to go into space; the same girl now turned woman who is incredibly happy to see the “old gang” again. Yes, the newbies were okay, but no matter what little orange robot rolls around, when R2-D2’s big blue center light came on and he began to beep, it was like a long lost friend wishing you a very Merry Christmas.


We can’t stop the bad stuff. People are trying, but it has become overwhelming. Taking a step back and seeing the world that was created in George Lucas’s mind long ago is necessary: A celebration of a true obsession that we intend to keep.


Source:  Baret News


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