TRUGLO® Tritium Fiber Optic Xtreme(TFX™) Sights


TRUGLO® Tritium Fiber Optic Xtreme(TFX™) Sights

Earn High Scores in NTOA Testing

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Members of the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) recently field-tested TRUGLO’s TFX™ – Tritium / Fiber-Optic Xtreme pistol sights and universally praised the TFX’s rugged design and functionality. NTOA scores range from 0-5, and the overall composite score for the TRUGLO® sight was 4.65, earning the TFX™ a recommendation from the organization.

NTOA evaluates products through a series of real-world scenarios designed to mimic conditions that officers might encounter in the TG13GL1Afield, from low-light shooting sessions to racking the slide of their weapon on a shield using only the sights for leverage. Understandably, these officers demand products that are robust and reliable, and their test results are a testament to the TFX’s innovative design features and durability.

“Out of the box the sights took less than five minutes to install,” noted one tester. “My first impression of the sights was positive. They seemed bright and easy to find during practice draws from the holster. On the range I was even more impressed with these sights. The front sight post has a large white ring that made finding the front post very quick. In addition to the ring, the exposed fiber optic top on each of the sights also allows for quick sight alignment. When working from a high ready or position Sul (the ready position with the firearm held at solar plexus-level with the muzzle pointed down and away from the officer), the sights gave me greater awareness of my muzzle alignment and made focusing on the target much quicker.”

“These are fantastic sights!” remarked another member. “During the day, the fiber optics are very bright and crisp. At night, the tritium is brighter than most I have seen. The white ‘focus lock’ ring around the front sight definitely helps to draw your eye and differentiates the front dot from the rear dots. For those of us who are not as visually capable as we once were, this is a big plus.”

Every evaluator mentioned the durability of these low-profile sights, which are engineered to provide a clear sight picture in any bck_Optics_24_25 11conditions yet are compact enough so that they won’t hang up on clothing when the firearm is drawn from a holster. The key to the TFX’s 24/7 consistently bright sight picture is the addition of TRUGLO’s patented  Tritium/Fiber Optic technology in a hermetically-sealed, durable housing that is impervious to oils, chemicals, ultra-sonic cleaning processes and solvents. The fiber-optic design captures ambient light, and even in total darkness the Swiss tritium provides a bright, clear sight picture that doesn’t require batteries. The front sight has a white ring around the tritium/fiber-optic insert that encourages front-sight focus, critical for delivering fast, accurate shots. The entire CNC-machined sight body (made in the US) is protected by Fortress Finish technology that insures years of reliable service.

TRUGLO® has emerged as a leader in the ever-expanding field of firearms sight systems, and the TFX™ has become a popular design with Law Enforcement officers and civilians alike. Without high-quality sights, a firearm’s utility is limited, and for anyone who relies on their weapon to protect their life and the lives of others, there can be no compromise regarding sight quality. The TFX™ is loaded with features that Law Enforcement demands; easy installation, a snag-free design, 24/7 illumination in any light conditions and extreme durability. These features are what prompted the members of the NTOA to recommend the TFX™ sight to their members, and it echoes what TFX™ owners have been saying since these sights hit the market—when you’re relying on your firearm under the worst conditions, rely on TRUGLO®- When Brightness Counts!


Original Source: Sportsmans