With the NFL Playoffs Nearing, Passion Spikes


With the NFL Playoffs Nearing, Passion Spikes

by Amy Lignor


We always praise those “young ones” making names for themselves in the NFL. In Cam Newton’s case, making a name in both football and dancing. But this week some old dogs of the game, ones destined for the Hall of Fame, popped up to say: “We’re still here.” Beginning on Thursday with Dwight Freeney. This is one brilliant career thought over, seeing as NFL Playoffs, professional football, Amy's Angle,Who will go to the Super Bowlthat he had been a free agent since March and no one had signed him by the start of the regular season. However, the Cardinals got him in October, and Freeney has shown that he still has his magic. It was he who put the cherry on the sundae, so to speak, as his strip sack of QB Terry Bridgewater gave Arizona another win, the Vikings another loss, and Green Packers’ fans another reason to cheer. Arizona 23 – Vikings 20.


The Eagles got knocked this past week (again). RB DeMarco Murray who they paid a fortune for was in the press (again) for complaints that he was not being played enough (again). The kid is 24th in the League this season, a complete 360 from being the best man just last year on Jerry Jones’s team. But they did beat those unbeatable Patriots. And this week, they stayed on their winning streak (barely) by beating the Buffalo Bills 23 to 20. Question is: Can they stay out of the press for just one day?


Jets versus the Titans. Turns out the Jets have more than just a faint pulse at the end of this season. Are they ready for the big boys in an AFC Championship Game? No. Not yet. But they certainly made the Titans look like a team of pee-wees. Jets 30 – Titans 8.


Carolina versus Atlanta. Need we talk about it? Just remember that when heads get inflated and invincibility sets in, that’s when the balloon pops. Carolina 38 – Atlanta 0.


Oh, poor Johnny Manziel. He was sat down to be taught a lesson…just so he could be placed on the field yet again. The 49ers were a perfect match. In other words, they are horrible. Saddest part about this one is that the 49ers have a QB that they need to put in. The 49ers fans are wearing bags over their heads when it’s the coaches and management of the 49ers that should be! Browns 24 – 49ers 10.


And the Lion lay down with the Lamb…well, Rams, but it is Christmas and that’s the closest we can get. Lions 14 – Rams 21. Why put this one in? Guys…it’s Christmas.


Andy Dalton has broken his thumb. With each new week it feels like the fire that’s been raging under the Bengals all season long is slowly going out. Yup, the trail of white smoke is lifting into the air (again). Steelers 33 – Bengals 20.


The Saints were the only team that could have knocked out the winning Panthers this year, and unfortunately failed to do so. But when it came to the Bucs, Drew Brees and the Saints had their number. Saints 24 – Bucs 17.


Everyone is screaming that the Legion of Boom has finally gotten it together this season and Seattle will once again get to the Super Bowl. What people aren’t looking at is the fact that this year, it’s too late. You can shake your heads all you want, but with the Cardinals, the Panthers, the Packers…Seahawks will not run the table, no matter how wonderful they suddenly become down the home stretch. Did they play well this week? Of course they did. They smacked down the opposing team. Of course, that was the pitiful Baltimore Ravens. Seahawks 35 – Ravens 6.


The Redskins went up against the Bears, and in the first quarter they came out like warriors bent on winning the battle. QB Kirk Cousins and team were on a high, even though they have a lousy record. But every time Kirk gets a bit flustered, his play goes down quicker than the Titanic. Upside for him, Bears kicker, Gold, screwed up last week so that his Bears lost to the 49ers. This week? His kick goes wide right that would have led them into OT and this is one man who is not going to have a Merry Christmas. Final: Redskins 24–Chicago 21. And, yes, Kirk Cousins likes that.


And for the evening entertainment? The two teams with matching red, white and blue logos that both don a star, met up. You got a J.J. Watt, one of the biggest longhorns possible, against the best QB in all of football. Or, at least, that’s the title Brady has been given. News preceding the game: Gronk is playing? Yay! Wait, maybe he shouldn’t. We all know that barring the Apocalypse, the Patriots are heading into the playoffs. But they have poor health and need their best players around to actually win back-to-back Super Bowls. But with J.J. Watt fired up, and an offensive line that is not doing well when it comes to protecting their QB, the Patriots are more than a bit worried. After all, you lose Brady and your season is done. Looking at those matching helmets, the only question that springs to mind is this: Will a fighting patriot with a rifle (AKA: Brady’s arm) be able to kill a very large animal?


Source:  Baret News