Bait Colors Patrick Walters


Fishing enthusiasts love to learn more about their favorite sport, and Yamaha Pro Fishing presents a great video, “Bait Colors with Yamaha Pro Patrick Walters,” to assist with your success on the water!

If you have ever used a white spinnerbait resulting in a bite or two, but switch to a black spinnerbait that results in a massive increase in strikes, the question should be why? Understanding the fundamentals and reasons why bait color can be a significant key for a big bite.  From bucket mouths, crappie, walleye, and more, bait color should be a key consideration in your fishing plan.

Regardless of the time of the year, weather, and preferred technique, understanding the significance of bait color choices will significantly enhance the number of strikes. Yamaha Pro Patrick Walters shares some insights, strategies, and techniques on this video that will provide great tips for your success.

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