Malin Rigging Wire Taking Fishermen to New Lengths


Malin Rigging Wire Taking Fishermen to New Lengths

By Capt. Ted Lund


Rigging wire is a mainstay of both inshore and offshore anglers in saltwater, weather rigging ballyhoo and mullet for sailfish, mackerel for blue marlin or bridling live crabs for tarpon.

But up until now, anglers have been required to buy pre-cut (12- or -18-inch) lengths of rigging wire. That meant they either had too much for the job at hand or had to cut the predetermined lengths to fit resulting in waste.

Malin is always coming up with innovative new solutions for packaging with products that they already have,” says Mark Davis, host of Big Water Adventures and a member of Malin’s Pro Staff. “With traditional rigging wire, you end up with a bunch of little short pieces that end up going to waste. Malin’s pocket spool or dispenser can let fishermen use just what they need with no waste.”

Malin Rigging Wire Taking Fishermen to New LengthsIn addition to rigging baits, Malin’s wire can be used to provide an instant, automatic drop back on spinning outfits. Simply cut a length of wire and loop it around the reel stand on your favorite spinning reel. Make sure it is long enough to reach the top of the spool where the line comes off. Next, bend the line into a hook. When setting your bait, leave the bail open and catch the line in the crotch of the hook. Because the wire is malleable, when a fish eats your bait, the line pulls free — automatically free spooling and dropping back the offering. This is a surefire method for live baiting a number of species including sailfish, king mackerel, and tarpon — especially when using circle hooks. The drop back allows the fish to swallow the bait and turn. Once the reel is engaged, tension on the line causes the circle hook to slide out of the fish’s gullet, through the mouth and hook up in the corner.

So which wire is right for you? The copper rigging wire makes for an economical solution for all your rigging needs; Malin Rigging Wire Taking Fishermen to New LengthsFor a more durable solution, Malin’s stainless steel rigging wire offers a more resilient, reusable solution that’s perfect for pin rigging ballyhoo both naked and skirted. The soft stainless is actually the same wire that Malin Co. has been supplying to the aerospace industry for years and makes the ultimate rigging wire. It can be used over and over thanks to its corrosion resistance and supple characteristics.

Malin Co. is the world’s leading manufacturer of wire products for the fishing, aerospace, medical and industrial sectors and the top choice for discriminating anglers around the world.

For more information about or to purchase Malin’s Straight Leader, email or visit or for more wire rigging tips, check them out on YouTube.



Original Source: Sportsmans



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